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Want more team collaboration? Focus on confidence.

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Loop is a new people-first solution helping teams better their communication and relationships by focusing on building confidence and social habits at work.

When confidence runs low, tensions can run high

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The ROI of High-Quality Relationships at Work

Confident, trusting, authentic interactions are key to building healthy relationships with colleagues. This directly impacts your bottom line across productivity, engagement, resilience, collaboration and more.


Increase in job performance


Lower turnover risk


Reduction in sick days

Improve workplace relationships across all levels

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Help individual employees gain confidence and overcome personal obstacles that are holding them back from building the relationships they need to succeed.


Help managers be more equipped to give helpful feedback, foster healthy relationships, and recognize where there is a need to build more confidence on their teams.


Bring your company’s mission and values to life by enabling more honest and open communication at all levels of your organization.

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How It Works

Loop helps employees identify the workplace anxieties and obstacles that are holding them back, then gives them a step-by-step plan to overcome them.

  • Everyday habits lead to big change. Our clinically-proven approach is centered around creating real behavior change.

  • Real, human support. 1:1 text-based coaching is available for motivation, support, and accountability

  • Practice before you "do the thing". Our guided visualizations are fun, easy ways for individuals to prepare themselves for anxiety-inducing social situations at work, so they can have more success when they tackle them in real life.

  • Measurable outcomes. Employees and managers will start to see and feel progress and behavior change in the first week!

  • Easy-to-use mobile app. design-led mobile app that keeps you engaged

Loop uses behavioral science to provide a cost-efficient system for enabling individuals to build confidence and trust with the social interactions at work they've been avoiding or experiencing negatively.

Ready to get started?

Request a demo and start seeing your team thrive.

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