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How we're using AI & ChatGPT

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Loop uses OpenAI's ChatGPT to power the personalization engine that's behind your custom visualizations. Here's how we use ChatGPT throughout the app experience:

Visualization Builder

When you enter the situation you want to practice into the app, Loop sends this information to ChatGPT and asks it to personalize the set of questions you're asked to create your custom visualization.

Approach Recommendations

Our clinical team has created more than 300 different approaches that can be used for all kinds of situations. Here, we use ChatGPT to analyze and match your situation to our database, so that we can recommend the most relevant approaches to your situation.


Once you've entered all of the information needed about your situation, Loop sends this data to ChatGPT to create your visualization. If you use the "Refine" function to add more details and improve your visualization, that information is also sent to ChatGPT to recreate a new visualization for you.

If you have any questions or comments about how we use AI and ChatGPT, always feel free to text us: +1 (323) 591-5669, email us:, or join our Discord server to share your thoughts with others:


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