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setting healthy boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries

with Dr. Ali Mattu

$200 for the full, 8-week Guided Loop program

If you’re reading this, then you know that setting and communicating personal boundaries is essential for your mental, emotional and physical health. But the reality is, setting healthy boundaries – and maintaining them – isn't easy.


During this 8-week program, you will meet weekly with Dr. Ali and a small, anonymous group of 4-6 peers to:


  • Understand how to make decisions based on your values, and not your guilt

  • Embrace how boundaries can bring you closer to others

  • Learn what to do when someone crosses the line

  • Develop a plan to establish healthy boundaries right now


If you often feel like you’re under-appreciated, find yourself feeling too exhausted to care for yourself, or have been putting off your own personal goals in order to show up for others – this one’s for you.

Dr. Ali Mattu is a psychologist who treated anxiety at Columbia University. Seen on Netflix, Buzzfeed, and HBO. Creator of The Psych Show on YouTube. Learn more at

What is a Guided Loop? Guided Loops are 8-week programs designed to help you learn the specific skills you need to overcome personal challenges and improve your social connections. Guided Loops are live, audio-only experiences (using the Loop app) with a 4-6 person group and facilitated by our Loop Guides. Guided Loops aren’t psychotherapy. They’re a new way to learn about mental health with a guide and peers.

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