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Your safe place to overcome social anxiety

Loop is the first to bring you science-backed social experiences that help build confidence and calm your anxiety in the moment.

Practice and grow together

Loop’s guided group exercises help you practice how to cope with social anxiety with the support of others like you.

Why Loop?

Whether it's a pile on of negative thoughts or a racing heartbeat, social anxiety can be overwhelming and scary when it takes over. So we end up avoiding situations that make us feel this way, making things worse over time. 

At Loop, we believe that overcoming social anxiety is possible, but it means coming face-to-face with the the situations that scares you the most. We help you do this with our guided social experiences, which include audio visualizations in a group setting.

Through regular practice with Loop, you'll learn new, reliable coping skills and gain the confidence you need to overcome social anxiety and take back control of your life.

What people are saying

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“It’s helped me come up with some new ways of dealing with anxiety and provided some support emotionally.”


“It makes it easier to try something new, like a breathing technique, when someone is walking you through it.”


How it works

1. Get your social anxiety score

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We're here to guide you

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Save up to $200/month compared to individual or group therapy.


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How it works
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