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Get a handle on social anxiety

Learn practical skills and build the reflexes you need to tackle your most anxiety-inducing moments.


You don't have to go it alone

Loop is the only group-based mental health app that’s been carefully designed for those who experience social anxiety and want to overcome it. 

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Find out your social anxiety score

Download the app, then complete our mental health check-in to see where you're at and how Loop can help.

See positive changes to your mental health on your first day

Learn how your anxiety works

Fun content that helps you understand yourself better and how your anxiety impacts your life.

Build anxiety-busting reflexes

Join live sessions where trusted guides help you practice skills before you need them in the moment.


Grow with support groups

Loop is a safe, semi-anonymous space for you to talk things out or simply get a little support from others as you're working on overcoming your fears. 

See changes in your mental health

Set goals and measure your progress with Loop’s social anxiety score, milestones, journaling, and more.

How Looping Works


Feel safe with trained group facilitators


Dr. Ali Mattu

Loop’s lead psychologist. Find him on YouTube at The Psych Show, and on those Netflix docs you binge-watch.


How much does Loop cost?

We want to make mental health care as equitable and accessible as possible. Loop's weekly membership, at $14.99 per week, provides flexibility and affordability with access to a truly unique mental health program and community – built specifically for to help those experiencing social anxiety.

The cost of Loop goes directly towards paying our incredible hosts and guides – for their time, their training, and other perks that benefit their mental health journeys, both professional and personal. 

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It makes it easier to try something new, like a breathing technique, when someone is walking you through it.



Quick Anxiety Fixes

with Dr. Ali Mattu

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Download the app to get started

We're still new around here and would love to know what you think about Loop. Reach out to when you have question, have feedback to share, or if you just want to say, "Hi".

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