Live support groups whenever you want them.

Loop is a new way to manage personal challenges and anxieties through a fun, safe, live audio, clinically-backed experience.


Think of looping as exercise for your emotional health.

We know the benefits of physical exercise. Loop can help you exercise your emotional health too.

Here's how looping works.

1. Choose a topic to loop about

Think of these topics as experiences you share with other loopers who have the same needs or interests.


2. Jump into a live loop

Loops are live, voice-only conversations with a maximum of 5 people.

Meet people without pressure

Loop isn’t a friend finder, it's on-demand group support without ever needing to reveal your full identity.

Participate the way you want

You can use Loop’s conversation cards to share what’s on your mind, or just sit back, listen, and reflect.


Let's loop together.

Join the free beta.


Loop is designed to be a safe place to talk about hard things.

With that comes a responsibility to manage your privacy and safety at all times and create a community of mutual respect. To learn how we do that, check out our Community Guidelines.