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The best teams are built with trust and confidence

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Request a demo to see how your team can use Loop to build quality workplace relationships, so they can thrive.

The ROI of Healthy Workplace Relationships

Confidence, authenticity, and trust in the workplace lead to quality relationships in the workplace that increase innovation, resilience, and drive your bottom line.


Increase in job performance


Lower turnover risk


Reduction in sick days

Loop uses behavioral science-backed methodologies to help employees overcome workplace anxieties that get in the way of effective communication and productive relationships at work.

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How It Works

Your team will learn new communication skills through hands-on activities designed to increase confidence and social aptitude.

  • Variety of programs that employees can choose based on their professional and personal growth goals

  • Personalized app experience for each individual employee with a focus on privacy and safety

  • Measurable progress that employees can see and feel

  • 1:1 text-based coaching

  • Guided visualizations for practicing new skills before doing them in real-world work situations

Common Obstacles to Workplace Confidence & Trust

Social Anxiety

The fear of being judged or rejected can keep employees from speaking up in meetings and sharing ideas with confidence.

Fear of Small Talk

The fear of not being interesting or being around people can lead to the inability to form new connections and missed opportunities.

Imposter Syndrome

The fear of being found out can lead to self-doubt, and the inability to advocate for oneself.

Post-COVID Anxiety

The myriad challenges employees face as they return to work, go  hybrid/remote are affecting one's ability to build trust and connect.

Performance Anxiety

The fear of success or receiving praise, or getting things wrong – can keep employees from being bold and driving innovation.

Giving Feedback

The fear of criticism can keep managers and colleagues from providing meaningful feedback that helps employees grow.

Ready to get started?

Request a demo and start seeing your team thrive.

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Loop Programs

Our growth programs help employees build confidence, trust, and form high-quality relationships with each other in the face of today's biggest workplace challenges.

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Performance & Career Development

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Returning to In-Office Work

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Building Social Relationships

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Attending Networking & Company Events

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